Brian is a husband, father, pastor, speaker, and strategist.

He was born and raised in Nashville. The son of a Baptist preacher, Brian was brought up to have a heart that breaks for people who feel disconnected from God. He has been leading, teaching, and coaching through the local church since 2000 and is eternally grateful for the opportunities God has given him.

Brian and his wife Sarah have been married since 2008 and have a dog named Henry. They are both artists at heart. He has been a worship leader, actor, and an artist. She has a background in musical theater, jazz, opera, rock, and has toured continents sharing her music. Out of their experiences God has given them a passion for creative people of all types.

Today, they long to see entertainers and people of all types rescued by the hope found in Jesus. They want to reach “dreamers” and unleash them to realize their full potential at the heart of God’s movement.