Five Traits of Everyday Missional People

You want to impact the world. Sounds great, right? It is. But it is not easy.

God wants you to live like a missionary, but before you plunge into the deep waters of missional living, consider these five traits that missional people have in common:

#1: Missional people don’t go it alone.

Nobody has ever made any meaningful impact on the world by themselves. Jesus modeled a movement by discipling a group of men in the context of community. Jesus didn’t do it alone, so why would we?

#2: Missional people are coachable.

You must be coachable. You will have to be willing to remain moldable along the way, especially after you have already begun. It will be necessary to return to other missional people regularly as a resource to help you stay on track.

#3: Missional people are self-aware.

Consider your background. Not every behavior is appropriate in the context where you live. What “works” in the South may not work in Los Angeles, and vice versa. For many people arriving to a new cultural context, a period of detox is necessary while they learn to let go of personal church preferences and habits that seem (on the surface) to be the right way, but in actuality are just cultural church norms. You will probably have to take a close look at your own preferences and be willing to branch out a little.

#4: Missional people are willing to take risks.

Because missionary living is radically different from what most of us were raised in, it will mean doing some things you may have never done in a Christian context before. You must be willing to take some risks and step out of your comfort zone.

#5: Missional people are Kingdom minded.

Always look for opportunities to combine your efforts with other missionary-living people. Because of the very personal nature of your investment, the Enemy will play on your pride and may tempt you to resist the common traits that allow you to work with other people effectively for the Kingdom. When many missionaries are rowing in the same direction, that is when you will begin to see significant results.

What other traits do you notice that missional people have?

About the Author Brian Drinkwine

I am a husband, speaker, church planter, and coach. I help people and pastors with big dreams learn how to awaken God’s dream for their lives so they can have a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

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