Four Questions to Ask When You Read the Bible Together

When you read the Bible with other Christ followers, it is important to not just “study” it, but to let it shape you. You want to leave your time together knowing that it was more than just hanging out or learning facts about the Bible. Instead of just reading the Bible, let the Bible read you. You can be intentional about this by asking the right questions.

At ECHO, we encourage people to always ask four questions. They are:

1. What stood out to you?

Here you are simply connecting to the passage. Group members share what spoke to them, what specific verses or words leaped off the pages.

Example: The group reads John 1 together and each person shares the parts that spoke to them. One person references verse 14, which describes Jesus physically becoming human to live among us, while another person shares how verse 46 stood out to them because it describes the humble beginnings of Jesus.

2. How does God reveal himself as a missionary in this passage?

The group shares how they see God at work, modeling missionary living for us in the text.

Example: One person shares how Jesus “becoming flesh” was an example of God humbling himself and going to the needy, broken, and starved offering hope and restoration.

3. What do you think God is saying are His dreams for your life according to this passage?

Group members share how God is challenging them through the passage.

Example: Someone shares how they have a growing desire to do something about poverty in their city and they feel called to an under-resourced neighborhood. S/he is specifically inspired by Jesus’ willingness to enter into our broken world and feels prompted to take action.

4. What dreams do I need to give up in order to experience His dreams for my life?

Group members share their inner idols and resistance, confessing what needs to happen in order for them to fully realize God’s calling on their lives.

Example: A person explains that while s/he feels that s/he is being drawn to sacrificially give to the elderly woman next door, s/he also has some significant purchases that s/he has been wanting to make. S/he struggles with having to make the choice between generosity and his/her “wants.”

You should never feel limited to only these questions when you gather together around the Scriptures. They are simply a starting point for discussion. As you meet together around the Scriptures, letting them change you through the power of the Holy Spirit, these questions should unleash your time to become a life-shaping experience.

What other questions do you find helpful when reading the Bible together?


About the Author Brian Drinkwine

I am a husband, speaker, church planter, and coach. I help people and pastors with big dreams learn how to awaken God’s dream for their lives so they can have a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

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