Invite Brian to come and speak at your next event!

Brian is an accomplished communicator who can present on a multitude of topics in dynamic and engaging ways.

Primary Topics Include:

  • The Five Hungers of Every Human | Brian will teach the five underlying hungers that exist at the core of every human, how God intentionally gave us these hungers to draw us to Him, and how He answers them through holy practices of Jesus.
  • Missional Small Groups | Brian will give you a peak under the hood of the groups model used at ECHO Church Nashville. These groups will mobilize your people to live out the mission of Jesus in their everyday lives and build a reputation for your church as a movement of the Good News.
  • MARCS of following Jesus | Built on God’s divine answer to our five hungers, the MARCS are the practices Jesus employed which give us a taste of God’s answer to our inner cravings. Brian will outline the five MARCS and give your people tools to live each practice in their own lives.

***In addition to these topics, Brian can lead focus sessions on any of the sub-topics within them. Just let Brian know what you’re looking for and he will help accommodate your audience’s needs.

Types of Speaking Engagements:


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 4.58.49 PMVolunteer Workshops

Consider having Brian conduct your next volunteer training. In addition to the topics above, you can have him train volunteers in personal evangelism, group discipleship, prayer and daily devotion, spiritual gifts, teamwork in ministry, missionary living in American culture, or any other topic within his skill set and background.

Staff Trainings

In addition to the topics above, Brian can teach on a range of leadership topics such as self-leadership, volunteer recruitment, vision casting, and any sort of “how to” in ministry practice.


brian sneak peek 1Retreats and Camps

Brian can lead a single day intensive, 3 day retreat, or 5-6 day camp at your discretion. At the retreat or camp, he will teach to the five hungers, MARCS of following Jesus, along with other topics that will prepare your people for an adventurous life of following God. How deep Brian goes into these topics depend on your preference and how much time is allotted for teaching and group discussion.

Services and Worship Gatherings

Consider having Brian teach God’s Word at your next worship gathering. If you do not already have a topic or Scripture passage, contact Brian and he will provide you with a list of messages he can teach.

Want to hear samples of Brian’s teaching?

Listen to some of Brian’s personal favorites below.